i wish i was so small, 2023

woven fabric with stamped text, yarn, safety pins, wood frame

3ft x 4ft frames

photos : claire richards

exhibition : A House Show

writing :

“I wish I was so small. I could fit into your pocket and listen to all of the conversations you tell back to me first hand. Being small would save lots of things. I wouldn’t have to pay to go on an airplane. I would walk in the shadow of your shoe and no one would see. Or I could be shot out of a tiny canon and fly with a parachute across a few states and then ride in a stranger's car that was heading your way. I was told to go west, but all I want to do is go east! They would talk about regular things and get gas and gossip and pass the time perfectly. I would tell it back to you and you would be so happy to see me. Then I could be everywhere and with you, as I was suppose to be.” 



my stomach, 2022

a physical representation of stomach pain & food allergens

food packaging, trash, and grocery bags 

photos : claire richards & garrett seamans

america’s greatest passtime, 2023

plant stems, found fabric, pins

lauren & claire’s one night of fun / big adventure full of incredible thoughts and genius banter (zine), 2023

paper, 1 parking ticket, found objects, string

8.5in. x 11in.

(expect a miracle), 2023

double sided weaving, found wood, fabric

14in. x 10in. 

lucky star 6/7, 2021

lithographic print

8in. x 10in.