a house show
november 2023
curated by lauren cassiano & claire richards
avenue A gallery, 
los angeles, ca

as friends and strangers arrive to A House Show they are welcomed by the familiar, yet unconventional space. There is an intimacy and relatability that is allowed when veering away white cube and into the walls of a home. A House Show explores themes such as familial structure, interpersonal relationships, yearning, love, privacy vs surveillance, and belonging. throughout the three day exhibition each night brought about a unique event, from various performance pieces and poetry readings.

featuring : Agnes Lin, Alex Moreno, Amber Cassiano, Ashley Tesfamariam, Brinley Ribando, Camille Hobson, Carsten Nahum, Chip Barrett, Chloe Palmer, Chris Olsen, Claire Richards, Isabel Jimenez-Yi, Jamie Steele, Joshua Stasik Prince, Kelsey Gomez, Lauren Cassiano, Marcelle Greene, Olivia Spina, Patille Papas, protectatallcosts, Rosemary Galloway, S.W.A.K., Sailor Dinucci-Radley, santi olivarez, Sara Alamillo, Valentina Rosset, Will Roberts

poetry by : Alex Moreno, Alyssa Lara, Chet Mlcek, Claire Richards, Colette Kane, Declan North, Gillian Chamberlin, Nina Tartibi, Sean Coady, Thomas Farmer

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living room



front yard